Site Assessment, Design, Supply & Installation for Domestic, Commercial & Small Communities

  • Septic Tank, Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Percolation Area and Wetland Systems
  • Septic Tank & Percolation Systems
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • Attenuation Systems

Septic Tank & Percolation Area

A Septic Tank System, comprising a septic tank and sub-surface percolation area, is the conventional method of on-site treatment of wastewater from the dwelling: from toilets and sinks, showers & washing machines. Sewage from the dwelling enters the septic tank where separation of solids takes place.…

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Soil Polishing Filters

Soil Polishing Filters
, sometimes called raised beds or mounds, are used for final filtration of effluent from a secondary treatment system or Wastewater Treatment Unit (WWTU), i.e. EuroTank, and for disposal to the ground.

Basic systems will have raised bed of soil usually 900mm high using soil…

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Sand Polishing Filters


Eurotank SANDBOX, is a Sand Polishing Filter which further treats effluent from a secondary treatment system eg. Eurotank BAF. It is the best form of Tertiary Treatment, ideal for allsites including difficult sites with bad or no soil, and especially suited to small sites due to its…

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Pump Discharge Pipe Networks 

- sometimes called Pumped Distribution Systems. Unlike conventional gravity method of dispersing treated effluent to the soil, LPPN disperses via a network of usually 25mm piping throughout the selected absorption area on the site. Typical components consist of secondary treatment system, followed by a pump chamber with a pump…

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Drip Dispersal Percolation Systems

Drip Dispersal Percolation Systems are sometimes called drip irrigation or drip fields.

Subsurface drip dispersal is an efficient method for dispersal of wastewater into the soil and is ideal for soils with low permeability. It is a precise method for applying wastewater effluent over an infiltration…

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Leach Chamber Systems

Leach chambers are the no gravel solution for trenched percolation areas.
They are simply installed by firstly digging the trench with 2' bucket and placing the leach chambers, which connect to each other, in the trench.
The chambers are bottomless, with louvers or slits in the side, giving…

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