Site Assessment, Design, Supply & Installation for Domestic, Commercial & Small Communities

  • Septic Tank, Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Percolation Area and Wetland Systems
  • Septic Tank & Percolation Systems
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • Attenuation Systems



TPW Eurotank BAF is a very strong, Economical, Efficient, Wastewater/Sewage Treatment System for use in domestic housing and commercial applications. The unit comprises Tanks manufactured in Ireland by Tpw EUROTANK Systems. The system is En12566/3 & NSAI SR66 Certified as listed on Pia Gmbh for Irish Use. Eurotank BAF uses Fixed/fluidized Bed Technology as a very simple method of treatment with great effluent quality. The range comprises various tank sizes, comes fully built and delivered with a lot of installation advantages. Full after-sales service nationwide service.

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