Septic Tank Inspections – Let us help !

Septic tank inspections in Wexford have taken place in the last 2 yrs with over 60 completed so far. Failure rates are high, mostly are due to lack of maintenance especially desludging or emptying of the unit. Other fails have included issues such as not having the sinks ,washing machine or baths connected to the septic tank and contrary to belief this is necassary and part of EPA regulation.A lot of fails with major issues due to surface ponding at the percolation area or direct discharge to a stream. We at Tpw Systems have dealt with many of these and remedied situations including submission for grant approval etc. for improvement works.

Houses to be inspected are randomly selected. A letter will be received prior to the inspection with proposed date. Although the inspection is not invasive ( digging or shovelling to see whats underground ) The inspecters will look at the septic tank to see if its fit for purpose , the percolation area for a distribution box , evidence of pollution either on the surface or to the boundary of the site using die test and other means. If it is a miner fail eg. a sink pipe not connected to the septic system or simply need of desludging the householder will be given time to carry out the works and the inspector will return to re-examine.
In the case of major failure of the inspection the householder will have to engage an  Engineer (Site Assessor) to carry out a site assessment and draw up a plan to upgrade the system. Once this has been approved by the Local Authority the works can be carriad out whitin a certain time frame ( failure to so will lead to fines  etc). The works must be documented and certified.
the householder can then apply for the grant. This is can cover up to 80% of the cost but is means tested.

Tpw Systems can take alot of the worry and pain out of the process should you be subject to a failed inspection. We will look after the whole procees, paperwork, supply and installation at very keen rates. We have a vast knowledge of how to deal with sewage disposal problems on existing sites and methods of reducing disruption the garden area during installation.

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