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Wastewater Treatment, septic tank servicing

Yes First Year free service for full supply and installation deals From June 1st `15 Special deals on winter servicng of all makes of wastewater Treatement Systems, Example — Air blower and effluent pumps supplied and fitted fro €260 Call 087/2600438 for more details

Sand Polishing Filters Gaining Ground

Sand Polishing Filters SPF have become popular in Ireland in recent years. Prior to this there were a few mostly for commercial use installed throughout the country.The construction was mostly with regular graded sand and usually preceded a Septic tank and hence were of large sizing. Systems now use graded sands which are included in […]

Concrete versus Plastic Wastewater Treatment systems OR BOTH??

This is a question we are asked Daily, As suppliers of both, ie.The Eurotank range of Precast Concrete and Plastic/Grp tanks or Wastewater Treatment Systems and Septic tanks it is my honest opinion that it is a case of Horses for courses. Undoubtably Concrete is the safer choice, reducing the fear of tank failure but […]

Septic Tank Inspections – Let us help !

Septic tank inspections in Wexford have taken place in the last 2 yrs with over 60 completed so far. Failure rates are high, mostly are due to lack of maintenance especially desludging or emptying of the unit. Other fails have included issues such as not having the sinks ,washing machine or baths connected to the […]