Leach Chamber Systems

Leach chambers are the no gravel solution for trenched percolation areas.
They are simply installed by firstly digging the trench with 2′ bucket and placing the leach chambers, which connect to each other, in the trench.
The chambers are bottomless, with louvers or slits in the side, giving an open void underground with lots of ground surface area contact, and huge air/effluent contact, for good microbial action.

The big advantage of this system is in upgrade of an existing percolation area:

  • Installation only requires a mini digger.
  • Traditional percolation areas require handling of 30 to 40 tonne of stone that creates a lot of disruption to gardens and hard surfaces and also creates an equal amount of displaced soil to be removed off-site. Some sites may not even have access for the machinery necessary to handle these volumes so leach chamber systems may be the only solution.
  • Footprint sizing can be reduced by -35% compared to stone filled systems, which may be necessary to deal with separation issues on tight sites.
  • Huge savings on re-lawning.
  • Over 74million units used in the USA