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Sand Polishing Filters Gaining Ground

Sand Polishing Filters SPF have become popular in Ireland in recent years. Prior to this there were a few mostly for commercial use installed throughout the country.The construction was mostly with regular graded sand and usually preceded a Septic tank and hence were of large sizing.

Systems now use graded sands which are included in a few mentions in the most recent EPA Code of Practice 2009, this did clarify a few issues regarding type of sand to be used and construction methods. Research was carriad out on the SPF By Trinity College Dublin and the results for effluent quality etc were very good.

SPF are now used preceding a secondary treatment unit with mechanical and biological treatment with 95% reduction in key effluent parameters such as BoD, Suspended Soilds and nutrient reduction (nitrates etc). The filters are built in layers (stratified) to deal with the different components of final polishing. The top layer is a coarse sand acts a media which accomadates natural bio-organism interaction or adsorption with effluent reducing key contaminents, lower layers include layers of ventilated coarse gravels to introduce oxygen and layers of fine Sand to polish out any remaining soilds etc.

Sand polishing filters Spf are proving very effective Tertiary treatment systems where sites;

  • Have bad or no soil, this would normally be a soil polishing filter entail importing of maybe 10 loads of percolation soil which will be more expensive and take up more room
  • Where high effluent is required for discharge licence conditions
  • Small footprint , example a regular domestic unit will only take up to 20m2 space in the garden
  • Can be supplied and fitted as a complete system with full documentation

One of the most important components of the unit is the sand itself. This must be processed to achieve the right grade.
Grading is by mathematical effective particle sizing or D10, which is often confused with simple sand grading often by suppliers or builders who use regular washed sand from pits.

Tpw systems have led the development of fully fitted SPF throughout the country after many years research and development or present model is the most advanced on the Market. We place high emphasis on selecting the right treatment unit ,pump system, and installation with many added features not “in the book”. Fantastic deals on full system supply and installation.

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Concrete versus Plastic Wastewater Treatment systems OR BOTH??

This is a question we are asked Daily,

As suppliers of both, ie.The Eurotank range of Precast Concrete and Plastic/Grp tanks or Wastewater Treatment Systems and Septic tanks it is my honest opinion that it is a case of Horses for courses.

Undoubtably Concrete is the safer choice, reducing the fear of tank failure but on the other hand plastic units mostly do the same job and represent better value , ussually a saving of up to €1000 in some cases.

Plastic units are most suited where ground conditions are good. Soil structures that are loose , (not blocky heavy clay),stable (will not exert side pressure on the unit) but most importantly not wet. High water table increases buoyancy pressure under the tank which can result in the tank rising out of the ground if not properly anchored , this has even happened to tanks after emptying or desludging. In cases where the invert level is low ie.  the foul water pipe from the dwelling is low in the ground resulting in the unit now being placed deep in the ground may not suit plastic units as ground pressure increases. However alot of these can be mostly overcome by the use of concrete backfill. Most manufacturers will insist on concrete backfill for all installations.This adds at least €400 to the cost which reduces the saving considerably.

Concrete units are more expensive mostly due to delivery costs requiring heavy machinery, but in bad conditions as described above may be necassary. They also mostly have bigger primary chambers which should mean longer desludge periods.If pumped distribution pipe network system is prescribed for the percolation area the Concrete Wastewater Treatment System will have a bigger pump chamber to supply this , plastic units will need seperate pump chambers again adding to the cost.

In Summary; If ground condition are good, low water table, the tank is not to be too deep in the ground plastic units are a safe choice and savings will be made. If conditions are marginal concrete backfill may be required, if conditions are bad a concrete unit is the safest and probably the most economical solution.

Tpw Systems ltd offer both with Our Eurotank Range of Wastewater Treatment Sytems and we would gladly site visit and give advice on suitability of either option with costings.
The Biocell range of plastic units we supply are the most robust available on the Irish Market. Is is Cylindrical shaped and sits in the ground on its end ( akin to a coke can sitting on a table ) most other units sit on their side this increases downward soil pressure on the the unit.

But we have recently Introduced our Eurotank Biocell with Concrete — This is the same as our Eurotank Biocell En certified Plastic GRP unit but with precast moulded on concrete base and skirt giving massive strenght to the unit but still having the fantasticinstallation benefits of a plastic unit. This is new technology on the market . It is a single unit weighing around 1.5 tonne can be handled by most diggers on-site.

Regardless of of the final choice it is of most importance that the installation is carried out by installers who have relevant experience, this we can also offer along with installation of the percolation area etc.

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Septic Tank Inspections – Let us help !

Septic tank inspections in Wexford have taken place in the last 2 yrs with over 60 completed so far. Failure rates are high, mostly are due to lack of maintenance especially desludging or emptying of the unit. Other fails have included issues such as not having the sinks ,washing machine or baths connected to the septic tank and contrary to belief this is necassary and part of EPA regulation.A lot of fails with major issues due to surface ponding at the percolation area or direct discharge to a stream. We at Tpw Systems have dealt with many of these and remedied situations including submission for grant approval etc. for improvement works.

Houses to be inspected are randomly selected. A letter will be received prior to the inspection with proposed date. Although the inspection is not invasive ( digging or shovelling to see whats underground ) The inspecters will look at the septic tank to see if its fit for purpose , the percolation area for a distribution box , evidence of pollution either on the surface or to the boundary of the site using die test and other means. If it is a miner fail eg. a sink pipe not connected to the septic system or simply need of desludging the householder will be given time to carry out the works and the inspector will return to re-examine.
In the case of major failure of the inspection the householder will have to engage an  Engineer (Site Assessor) to carry out a site assessment and draw up a plan to upgrade the system. Once this has been approved by the Local Authority the works can be carriad out whitin a certain time frame ( failure to so will lead to fines  etc). The works must be documented and certified.
the householder can then apply for the grant. This is can cover up to 80% of the cost but is means tested.

Tpw Systems can take alot of the worry and pain out of the process should you be subject to a failed inspection. We will look after the whole procees, paperwork, supply and installation at very keen rates. We have a vast knowledge of how to deal with sewage disposal problems on existing sites and methods of reducing disruption the garden area during installation.

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