Septic Tank & Percolation Area

A Septic Tank System, comprising a septic tank and sub-surface percolation area, is the conventional method of on-site treatment of wastewater from the dwelling: from toilets and sinks, showers & washing machines. Sewage from the dwelling enters the septic tank where separation of solids takes place. The effluent leaves the septic tank and enters the Distribution Box (D-Box) by gravity or by pump if site elevations require it.

Tuf tite D-box

The Tuf tite D-box ensures equal distribution (by means of the adjustable weir system) to the perforated piping in stone filled trenches where final treatment and disposal of the effluent takes place.

Soil conditions must be suitable with good soakage and low water tables.

TPW Systems Ltd can supply and install:

Septic tanks En12566/1 certified mandatory now under Part H of the building regulations. TPW Systems always fit effluent filters in tanks, installed to save the percolation area.

Perforated piping with orificing spaced and orientated to ensure full distribution and prevent premature build up of biomaterial.

Independent cert of installation and compliance.